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The NETCAC offers a safe child-friendly environment to children between the ages of 2-17 who allegedly have been sexually or severely physically abused or have been a witness to a violent crime. The children who come to the NETCAC are allowed to tell their experiences in a non-leading way to a trained forensic interviewer rather than having to repeat it multiple times to multiple agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution, therefore reducing the trauma to the child.

Currently, we are able to offer these services to the 8 counties we serve free of charge, thanks to some grant assistance, financial assistance from area businesses, gifts-in-kind, donations, community support, and the CAC board members and volunteers.

Every year we provide a little help to an average of 375 children at Christmas time through Angel Tree. Our Angel Tree list consists of the children ages 0-17 yrs. (male and female) that have been interviewed that year, their (in house) siblings, and if they have a child themselves.


 “Abused and Neglected Children
Do Not Deserve Abused and Neglected Things”


PLEASE NOTE: All items provided to the children must be NEW or HANDMADE NEW!

There are several ways you or your group (family/friends/coworkers) can help:  

To Sponsor an Angel(s) –

Each Angel tag lists their pajama size, their age, gender, favorite color, and things they like for a gift. Sponsors are asked to provide a set of pajamas along with a few gifts from their list.
*Please keep the combined total value of all these items between $60 and $100.  Remember these items must be new or handmade new.

This can be done one of 2 ways:

        • Purchase the items yourself or
        • Donate money towards the Angel and we will shop
          *Angels will be ready for sponsorship November 1st and the Unwrapped Gifts are due back to NETCAC-Winnsboro by December 1st

 To Sponsor the “Filler Table”

There are times that the Angel gift comes back only partially filled or their sibling Angel came back with a lot more items than theirs…this is when we add to the gifts from the “Filler Table”. (Good place to find these items is on the clearance rack or isles…Remember they must be new or handmade new)

Filler Table items needed:   **Items for teens are greatly needed**

Pajamas, Journals w/Gel pens, any type of Ball, girls & boys Hygiene Kits (Full-size razors, shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrushes, body sprays, etc), Make up kits, Nail Polish kits, Hair Accessories, Wallets, Watches, Jewelry, Gloves/ Scarves/ Hats (boys and girls), Toys (toddler – youth) – Barbies, Babies, Action Figures, Super Heroes, Cars/Trucks, Lego/Building Blocks (boys and girls), Board Games, Mature and Youth art and craft sets, Mature Coloring Books w/ pens & markers, Room Décor, huggable size stuffed animals, diapers, wipes, infant/toddler bath sets, etc.

If you have any questions or want to know a specific need, please call or email me.

Thank you for your time and dedication, Jennifer Williams ~NETCAC Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator
903-629-7588 * *
Together we are: “Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, One Child at a Time”.