What is the Child Advocacy Center?

Each year, countless children suffer from abuse and neglect. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Texas (CACs) was established in 1994 in an effort to enhance the sensitivity and responsiveness of our civil and criminal justice systems, thereby minimizing the impact of the trauma, for these children and their families. CACs are non-profit 501-(c) (3) organizations.

What is the Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center?

The NETCAC offers a safe child-friendly environment to children between the ages of 2-17 who allegedly have been sexually or severely physically abused or have been a witness to a violent crime. The children who come to the NETCAC are allowed to tell their experiences in a non-leading way to a trained forensic interviewer rather than having to repeat it multiple times to multiple agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution, therefore reducing the trauma to the child.