Community Presentations

We strive to empower and educate our community through awareness programs or presentations at area churches, civic groups, school districts, businesses and others with the knowledge, awareness, and ability to recognize and report child abuse and to become better informed how they can be involved in our mission. Through our Community Education programs and presentations, we equip others with the tools necessary to prevent abuse and recognize the signs of abuse, and the practical steps to take in reporting abuse so victims can get the help they deserve.

School Programs

Play It Safe!® Programs for School-Aged Students and Children
Play it Safe!® is an evidence-based child abuse awareness and prevention program that uses age-appropriate materials to educate children in Pre-K through high school in ways they can best learn and respond. Taught by our certified trained staff and volunteers, scripts and videos are developed through an evidence-based approach to teach children and teens how to reduce their risk of sexual and physical abuse by recognizing potentially abusive behavior, responding appropriately to threatening situations, and reporting abuse to a trusted adult. Some of the program topics include safe, unsafe, and confusing touch for elementary-aged children and sexting, healthy relationships and dating violence for middle and high school-aged children. Some education programs have the flexibility to be personalized to the needs of the recipient.

Our Community Education Team

Freddie Fitzgerald, MDT Response Supervisor

Caitlin Graham, Community Education Coordinator